Introducing Sceptical Scot

Over the past few weeks I’ve been glad to help with the development of a new current affairs website, Sceptical Scot, which launched this week.

The site hopes to bring more light than heat to the ongoing, intense discussion over the future of Scotland in the wake of last year’s referendum. It will range widely, covering political, economic and cultural issues.

The site’s welcome message summarises that intention nicely:

These pages are for all who care about Scotland’s future, regardless of how they voted in the 2014 referendum. There are already websites that campaign for independence, while most newspapers are against it. Sceptical Scot aims to provide a forum that is both broader and deeper than current offers with a rich diet of well-researched, polemical, thought-provoking writing.

Why ‘Sceptical Scot’? Because none of us can lay claim to absolute truth, and all policies and proposals need to be subjected to enlightened, sceptical scrutiny and investigation.

I’m helping out as a website editor, designer and contributor. I’ve tried to create a design that intimates, not too overbearingly I hope, our respect for Scotland’s Enlightenment tradition: we believe a commitment to informed debate is particularly important given today’s charged political atmosphere.

We intend to publish a new feature or two every week. And we are posting regularly on TwitterFacebook and Google Plus. Hope you enjoy it.