Introducing Sceptical Scot

Over the past few weeks I’ve been glad to help with the development of a new current affairs website, Sceptical Scot, which launched this week.

The site hopes to bring more light than heat to the ongoing, intense discussion over the future of Scotland in the wake of last year’s referendum. It will range widely, covering political, economic and cultural issues.

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Yes/No, Southern Gothic and the Architecture of Doom

I usually close out my blog for the year with a simple roundup of books I’ve particularly enjoyed. But 2014 has seemed a rather strange, transitional period, for reasons I’m still trying to define, so I thought I’d write a somewhat longer retrospective in the hope of making some sense of it.

As ever my memories of the year that has passed are a jumble of images: I’ve little or no recollection of things that should have been important, but have vivid impressions of moments in time that were of no obvious significance. I can’t quite remember what happened when and where, so have relied on a review of my blog posts to put them in some kind of linear order.

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