Five perspectives on the Israel/Palestine conflict

I haven’t written anything about the Israel-Palestine conflict since I’ve been here. I dare say I will, but I don’t yet know when. There are so many words already. I came here with views of my own, of course, but for now it seems only appropriate to test them against what I’ve been able to see for myself. As well as watching, I’ve been reading: books, articles, online articles. Here is a small selection of pieces I have found particularly useful in summing up the fundamental issues, introducing new perspectives, or both.

Desert bloom

During a few long drives over the past few weeks we’ve had the opportunity to see the desert bloom, producing extraordinarily rich tones of green, brown and red. The grass is fresh, with a luminous quality rarely seen in Britain. Here are some photos taken during a trip last week from Tiberias to Bethlehem through the budding wilderness.