About Metropolis/2520

Metropolis/2520 is a blog written by Justin Reynolds, a writer and designer living in Suffolk. Over time it has evolved into an exploration of the different futures, the utopias and dystopias, made possible by accelerating economic and technological change.

I’m particularly interested in the possibility and shape of economic and social systems that might present alternatives to prevailing free market orthodoxies. It’s a subject that requires a broad canvas, encompassing politics, economics, technology, science fiction, literature, architecture and film.

Some of the posts here first appeared as contributions to other online journals, in which case I provide a link to the original article. In addition to the material here I have written features forThe New European, openDemocracy, The Calvert Journal, The Fabian Society, Creative Bloq and Social Europe. I co-founded the digital magazine Sceptical Scot to provide a non-partisan forum for Scotland’s ongoing independence debate.

By day I work as a web designer and copywriter – my work, together with a blog on design and copywriting, is available at Justin Reynolds | Writer & Designer. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Image | Still from Metropolis, directed by Fritz Lang, 1927