Metropolis/2520 records the passing thoughts of Justin Reynolds, a designer and writer living in Suffolk.

I write here about politics, economics, design, technology and culture. And post quite a few photos. Some of the articles first appeared as contributions to other online journals, in which case I provide a link to the original article. Unless otherwise stated all of the graphics and photos here are by me.

In 2014 I co-founded a popular digital magazine Sceptical Scot to provide a non-partisan forum for Scotland’s ongoing independence debate. More recently I have written features for The New European, openDemocracy, The Calvert Journal, The Fabian Society, Creative Bloq and Social Europe.

By day I work as a web designer and copywriter – my work, together with a blog on design and copywriting, is available at Justin Reynolds | Writer & Designer. My LinkedIn profile provides more information about my work history.

Thank you for visiting. I’ve switched off blog comments but you can contact me here or on Twitter. I regularly post photos to Flickr.